Holiday on the "Power Mountain"

The summer attracts the vigorous and the healthy in search of fresh mountain air.  Runners, bikers, hikers - people who have their own agenda and individual training routines and then in the evening like to cuddle up beside a cosy warm tiled oven and swap experiences. 

Treat yourself to our tailor-made menus according to your preference - pasta buffet, ample fruits and lots of vegetables.  

Before dinner we recommend a dip in the reservoir lake, a mere 5 minute walk from the hotel. 

We'll gladly laundry your sports wear for you!

At an altitude of 1800m, the surrounding landscape offers optimal training conditions. A study carried out by the University of Innsbruck (AMAS study) has validated the benefits of high altitude training on the cardiovascular system as well as achieving the ideal training effect. 

Accomplish your personal targets with training runs at different lengths (up to 30km) at varying altitudes. From the hotel you can carry out training runs up to an altitude of 2000m and for the ardent and experienced biker or runner even higher. 

A diversified network of wide rambling trails in the midst of flowering alpine meadows.